• Image Restoration

    A couple left out a canvas for signatures during their wedding, but unfortunately, children had gotten a hold of the picture and scribbled all over it. The husband approached me to fix the stray marks as a surprise for his wife. Using photo editing software, I carefully removed the scribbles while preserving the original image as much as possible. This involved matching the colors and textures of the surrounding areas to the damaged parts, so that the restored image would look seamless. I also used advanced techniques such as clone stamping, blending modes, and masking to ensure that the restoration looked natural and not like an artificial overlay. I made sure to maintain and enhance signatures from their beloved guests. The project took several hours of careful editing, but in the end, the couple was overjoyed with the results.

    broken image


    This was the image given to me with stray marks and hard to read signatures.

    broken image


    This was the file returned to the client so it could be printed and framed.